Artesanias Mosaico, a venture of Transformacion Urbana Internacional (TUI), serves the dual purpose of creating business, and thus jobs, for Mexican artisans while also generating income that contributes toward transformational initiatives in slum communities of Mexico City.

All proceeds from Artesanias Mosaico go toward the critical work of addressing urban poverty. Transformacion Urbana’s model of change leverages in-kind donations and contributions from the local community to multiply the impact of every dollar received. Just $10 per month can help a family of 5 urban slum dwellers take steps toward transforming themselves, their home, and their community through the life changing initiatives catalyzed by TUI.

Your purchase from Artesanias Mosaico will generate income for Mexican artisans, provide you or a loved one with a unique, high-quality product that you’ll love, and will go on to help dozens of individuals living in urban poverty through the work of Transformacion Urbana Internacional.

Continue reading below about the ways that your purchase can change lives:


From Drugs to Leadership

Pedro (name changed) is a 19-year-old who grew up in a dysfunctional family environment. Living with a violent and emotionally absent father and a mother who had lost all self-worth because of consistent marital abuse, pushed this young man to enter the world of drugs and crime. For several years that’s where he found refuge.

Thankfully, he still had one passion: playing soccer. So one day his friends invited him to train at a Soccer School run by Transformación Urban Internacional’s youth life skills and leadership development initiative. It was there that the TUI staff person began to notice Pedro’s eagerness to help others improve their game. He saw that Pedro consistently came alongside and encouraged the youngest kids; he was the first to arrive and the last to leave. Through the ensuing mentoring process, Pedro got the moral support and help he needed to stop using drugs. The former high school dropout even managed to re-enroll and finish his studies.

Today, Pedro has become one of two main leaders of the Soccer School, inspiring younger boys to work through their problems instead of resorting to violence and drugs. Soon he will begin college to study Physical Education. In his own words: “I want to study and become an example to other kids, just like my mentor has become to me”.

Your purchase helps us come alongside other young men like Pedro.

An entire Slum Community gains Access to Water

Four years ago TUI entered the community of San José Las Palmas. As always, we spent the first three months getting to know people, researching the community and identifying potential leaders with whom we hoped to begin a change process. Our motto is never to do for others what they can do for themselves, so we never enter a community with pre-fabricated solutions. Instead, we brought the potential leaders we had identified together to analyze the needs and challenges their community was facing, and then we encouraged them to become the change they hoped to see.

At first, we ventured to start a few small winnable community projects with them; projects that would not cost much money nor time: like improving the premises of the local primary school or cleaning up a few of the streets in the neighborhood. These projects allowed them to build trust and deepen connections inside their squatter settlement.

After a few months, one group of neighbors decided they wanted to work towards gaining access to water. The great majority of them depended on water trucks coming by every two weeks to fill up their water containers – at a price six times higher than the municipal water rate. TUI staff encouraged them to start this project with just with one street. A very basic water catchment system was installed, which allowed 20 families to gain more regular access to water.

Soon other streets joined the effort. Not before long, people in the entire community decided they wanted to fight to gain access to water. After three years of hard work, TUI, together with hundreds of local neighbors, has been able to get the municipality and a private enterprise to commit to connecting the San Jose Las Palmas community to the municipal water grid. This means that 3,000 families will soon have water.

In the words of Luis, one of the community leaders we’ve developed: “Before, our community was very divided. There was no trust among us. No wonder, we didn’t see much advancement. However, through our work with TUI we’ve been able to see that we can accomplish so much when we come together. Once we felt much despair, but today we’re filled with hope!”

Your purchase helps us come alongside other communities like San José Las Palmas.

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