Artesanias Mosaico provides high-quality products that transform lives in urban slums. Every product purchased generates income and jobs for Mexican artisans, and fuels social change through our parent organization, Transformacion Urbana Internacional (TUI).

Transformacion Urbana Internacional is dedicated to the holistic transformation of urban poor communities and works alongside urban slum dwellers in order to help them reach their full potential. Founded in 2007, TUI works to address the roots of urban poverty through a wide array of strategic initiatives, such as strengthening civil society through community organizing and advocacy, leading public health initiatives, the training of youth as agents of change, engaging families and individuals in their emotional healing process, community leadership development, and more. Read more about our model of change on our website.

Artesanias Mosaico was formed as a venture of TUI with the dual purpose of creating business, and thus jobs, for Mexican artisans and also generating income that contributes toward the sustainability of our broader work.

Join us in the work of addressing urban poverty by investing your purchasing power in products that transform lives. See our Social Responsibility page to learn about how these products are used to impact the lives of the urban poor.

Calle Ollita Mz 2 Lt. 10B
Colonia Tepalcates, Chimalhuacán C.P. 56334
Edo. Mex, México